If you’ve got this far:

You want change in your life

You have dreams that you aren’t fulfilling

You feel stuck

You feel unworthy

You want to get rid of those negative feelings that you know are holding you back from your true potential


Then lets do this!

6 week 121 programme with weekly calls and email support throughout our time working together

£369 / $483 (paid fully) or 2 instalments of £195 / $255


1 hour discovery call £70 / $90 with 10 days email support after

All calls via zoom (free) I’m based in the UK  but coach internationally, time zones are no obstacle to you getting to where you need to be.

Holistic life coaching looks at all areas of your life to bring the balance that’s needed. Highlighting the areas that need extra dedication, figuring out what this looks like and working with you to come up with a plan to bring the harmony and the life you want.

What I need from you:

Commitment to showing up to our pre booked calls, this is all about you so I need you to show up, no excuses.

What you will get from me:

Dedicated and personal coaching sessions to work through those blocks, with email support and for 10 days after our last session to get you over those icky moments.

Drop me a message below and I'll be in touch for our free 20 minute introduction call (no obligation)


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Lets do this!
We all have a Wonder Woman inside us