Like everyone life throws curve balls and lessons, some of those balls hit us and stay with us and for me especially this came by the way of a lack of confidence. Not feeling I was good enough in several areas of my life was a common feeling compounded only by the situations I kept myself in due to my lack of self-worth. The lack of confidence held me back in so many areas of my life and the sabotaging self talk went over and over like a broken record. I knew I needed change. 


I read all the books, knew the principles of self-help, and dabbled with the exercises. However, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be, I’m still not fully where I want to be but that’s because as I move forward each step the dream gets bigger and my reality is shaped to how I want it, rather than what I felt I deserved.

For far too long I let my own thoughts rule how high I could fly and how small my dreams were.  I worked hard because change is hard, its uncomfortable and its icky, but do I regret it – not for one single second! I fly as high as I want, as often as I want and those dreams, well they are only getting bigger.

The change for me came when I got serious about the change, I knuckled down and focussed on what it was I wanted, not what society perceived I should have, be or do. I found my passion, my drive and a renewed buzz for life.

I no longer accept less than I deserve in any situation, I don’t nod and say yes when I want to say no, I spend valuable time with those that I love and I do the hobbies and past times that make my heart sing, I no longer worry about how cool or uncool it may be. If it makes me laugh I’m there.

By being my true authentic self I've been able to improve the most important relationship of all - the relationship with myself. I know I’m amazing, I regularly feel like Wonder Woman. Relationships in all areas of my life are improved and my soul truly sings. I spend the best part of my day smiling and laughing and I've been able to build a business that helps women just like me get to where they want to be.

My nursery report said I could often be found playing Wonder Woman, it was always in me, I just lost my direction a little but shes back!

The journey here wasn’t the smoothest but because of my journey I’m now in a brilliant position to help you.

Become the Wonder Woman you want to be, because the world can never have enough Wonder Women